We use a Colenz system designed by Dr Bernard Jensen.  Colenzing  is a facilitated, self administered Enema, gently introducing warm filtered water into the colon through a small flexible rectal nozzle that is 1/4” in diameter, rounded on the end, and lubricated for easy insertion.  The pre filtered ionized water is gravity fed through medical grade tubing from a specially designed container mounted about 4 feet about the Colenz board where the person lies supine with head and shoulders slightly elevated.   (Like  recumbent bicycle.) 


A gentle abdominal massage to assist in the release of matter is facilitated before and during session as required.

As the water hydrates and softens the bowel matter, the body naturally eliminates the loose material through a collection scoop and directs waste into specially designed toilet bowl. The process continues for a period of time 45 -90 minutes allowing the water to eventually hydrate and cleanse the entire colon.

Options are available depending on each persons situation to infuse enemas to support clearing process. Longer services are scheduled in this scenario.


The process is relaxing and hygienic, as well as very private and dignified.  I received many services on different style equipment, preferring this more modest system personally, and find it most effective.

Kim Clapham

Colon Hydrotherapist



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