Kim Clapham, originally from BC, Canadam has been passionately sharing this therapy for the last 18 years alongside evolving as a breath worker and vegan at the same time.  Kim lives in Baja, Mexico, and has resolved health, stress, and immunity issues, a different perspective of the body's healing pathways includes a variety of holistic modalities that have emerged.  FInding the water and the hydrotherapy mimic the breaths' journey through the body as well has evolved into a unique integration of breath hydrotherapy in a spa-like relaxed setting.    Kim is certified by the Canadian College of Natural Health and Healing in Toronto, and spends a good part of her time in Mexico, where she available for treatments as well with scheduled visits to Penticton.

The Penticton clinic is undergoing a move to a new location which will be announced shortly.



Diet and Plant-based protocols are key to achieving maximum results in clearing and detox processes.   Kim is well versed as a farmer in growing from seed to seed, food saving, plant medicines, and creating enzymatically vibrant and creative foods for healing.

Guided appropriate 10 day, to month long cleanse protocols depending on your personalized situation.  Kim's training in this area is based around juice therapy protocols used in the 'healing clinics of Mexico', based on Trophology and proper food combining.