By the time I had serious health problems, and became aware of and curious about  my colon, I had geriatric dogs with bowel issues, two kids under two in diapers, and a few friends had parents late in life. Poo and major gut issues were everywhere. No one was talking about it really.   Then I bought a farm with a composting toilet, "the Barrell". 

My Relationship with Poo was forever changed.

Beyond the humour,

A personal journey through serious illness, tissue flushing, and living foods brought me to healing, sharing, and caring!   35 years in Mexico had me aware of alternative modalities.  A self-care modality I was so thankful to find and learn from Robin Sharan at Annapurna Self Healing Center. Further discovery of Angel Farms by my friend Jim Bacon, led me to the Colenz system. I felt it should be available to all, and that our general awareness around our 'pooper' needed to be more real, practical, and less shameful.

Originally from BC, I have been living the last 30 years in Mexico, where after a 20 year career in tourism, led to homesteading a family farm, and sharing breathwork, colon care, natural plant medicines, along with fermented and living foods.

I am a certified colon hydrotherapist by the Canadian School of Natural Health and Healing and have been practicing, sharing,  and evolving functional medicine coaching and breath hydrotherapy over the past 20 years.

I have seen amazing physical, emotional and psychological recoveries occur with these two modalities.