Private Sessions

1 hour session - $80

1.5 hour session – $120

Group Circle Workshops are available weekly on a

donation basis in the clinic on Martin.







You see results from the very first session. As with the water, opening the breath pattern and releasing patterns,  stress, thoughts, emotions, and eventually even ego are all released and softened.  Typically, clients notice the best results when they attend 4-8 sessions over 1-8 weeks.   Group sessions  are  a great way to keep the breath flow going and optimally you will be learning and practicing daily breath at home, and joining us in workshop and retreat options!

Breathwork focuses on overriding past limiting breath patterns, that are usually accompanied by past limiting thoughts and emotions. All layers release and integrate for a calmer more observant lifestyle,  integrated belief system and behaviour.  You can expect emotional awareness and release, and a calm peaceful resolution by session end, and moving forward.

I was trained by Judith Kravitz and the Transformation Breath Foundation in 2002 and have continued evolving my practice and integrating the breath with the hydrotherapy for truly transformational clearing.

Kim Clapham

Colon Hydrotherapist

250 328 4386