Preparation and Aftercare

Prior to receiving hydrotherapy, many will simply not be planning much at all.  If you are feeling terrible and need relief, that is a good time to go.


 Once you know you are going to be coming in for a session, it is recommended to do an elimination diet that removes all possible irritants from your diet.

This would include all dairy (nut milks and seed milks ok), pork or red meat of any kind, avoiding oils,  and not consuming anything too spicy. Alcohol and coffee are definitely not recommended.

You want to maximize your results, by having a well hydrated and rested body. I prefer you avoid the use of cellular phones or small screens that have your eyes in rapid movement.  You want to be able to relax and release.

The space is clean and warm for your comfort, quiet and relaxation.

Make sure to be well hydrated with quality pure water prior to coming in, and to continue drinking highest quality water, and about 2 quarts or more a day! Bring a large bottle if you would like to take home purified ionized water.

After a hydrotherapy session you may feel very hungry or very quiet and relaxed.  It is best not to have any plans for several hours, and to have a quiet nest to return to with some healthy snacks ready if you are hungry.  You can also feel emotional sometimes during or after a cleanse.  Plan ahead so you can go straight home. Our neighbor is BRODO soup kitchen and they have fabulous bone broth and other soups that are easy to eat there, take a hot thermos for a glass, or take a litre home!)

What you can also feel a few days after a session is a need to take some quiet time and just let your body readapt. After it is important to feed your body and support it with additional fiber, pro biotics, and perhaps digestive enzymes.   If you have parasites, it is best to cleanse first prior to starting taking any kind of treatment to eliminate them, so that you have an open pathway to release.