Private Detox at Casa Tara

La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Retreat for Health, Vitality through Deep Cleansing of Body and Soul


We all know Daily Practice and meaningful lifestyle changes around self care, grooming, diet, exercise.... let us come together to learn skills for serious Conscious Living and Self Care.   


Introduction and Full sessions of transformational breathwork, yoga, trophology and cleansing with healing foods, hydrotherapy and Aseo Sano. 


When the colon is cleansed it releases the old gunk and the old gunk that is further up the tubes, lymph veins, muscles in joints etc all releases into the 'flow' and clears up. It seems to travel up and permeate every little last place in the body, which is why it is so unique in releasing parasites from everywhere. Also once the system is cleared it helps optimize the absorption through the colon of nutrients ie you absorb food better AND immediate nutrients like electrolytes or infusions like the neem that are overall good for systemic infection, bacteria, viral, and parasites. The flow of water helps release so there is little or no die off after math.  The deeper sequence does allow one to 'go deeper' and everyone goes deeper into their life, memories and recorded programs until seeing clearly it is all just fixings of the ego mostly. Heavy metals, parasite releases occur. They are not always pleasant in the moment, but definitely bring someone to a better place of health and clarity.   Any healthy enough to be functioning person, wanting to get healthier, will feel the benefits of this and will result with better hydration, having lowered undesirable microbiome and supporting healthful microbiome, and lowering the burden on their system.


The liver gallbladder cleanse is ideal for someone who has a liver that is creating some kind of toxicity issues for them or that have taken pharmaceuticals heavily, birth control, alcohol.  The releasing of liver on prior cleanse days will give an idea on the level of acidity in the system and give indication of any parasites that may be resident in liver (Solitaria).  With this cleanse the bile ducts are cleared and a release occurs from both organs. The individually that chooses this protocol will understand it prior, and will be fully committed, understanding this is a self care method, that they can then apply throughout their lifetime for self care.


The goal of this retreat is help guide everyone to responsible self care through breath, movement, diet and hydrotherapy with tools to create a daily practice for an ongoing lifestyle adaption.


We provide information, tools, and guidance, you create the best you!

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