Such an incredible experience- Kim is such a kind and open person who's energy I found was calm and grounding as a mountain. Which I was thankful for- it gave me space to truly allow my body to release a lot of deep set physical and emotional plugs. I experienced a bit of a healing crisis over the next 24hrs (which is a positive sign of knowing the body has let go of candida, parasites and blocks that I had been storing unknowingly for a long time). The next day I felt empowered, light and full of energy. -

Jen Farn

I had an appointment with BiOhm last week and overall it was a very pleasant experience. Kim was knowledgable, passionate and kind. The first few minutes were a bit uncomfortable (not painful) but after my body got use to what was happening, it was a comfortable experience. I was on the table for about an hour with Kim's expertise helping me along the way. I would highly recommend Kim and BiOhm. I have felt great since! I plan on visiting regularly! :).


I have been receiving this colon hydrotherapy cleanse for the past 8 months...Needless to say it was very much appreciated for it’s ease of cleansing. I was not able to do the cleanse at home or by myself. Kim’s attention to details really eased any fears I may have had...I felt very relaxed on the table which made the process easier with every cleanse I did...! I have done at least 10 cleanse treatments so far and will continue to clear out parasites as much as I can! My health will continue to improve!!! 


Thank you for inviting me to write a personal review about my experience with BIOHM Colon  Hydrotherapy.

I first learned of hydro therapy through a friend many years ago and until I had a crisis in my  life I did not feel the need for it..

Unexpectedly, when I was open to treatment the benefits were abundant on many levels.  The support of the facilitator Kim and the nurturing life-giving force of H2O  in a safe environment allowed me to shift .....physical trauma, mental anguish,  spiritual exhaustion, and emotional overload.

This very simple and pure therapy at the right time and place and intention of the user can be a portal to wholeness/wellness.

Working in the health care field I see many who suffer from colon malfunction and this modality is a lovely alternative.

I use this therapy for my own wellness and have my own board. I will continue to visit Kim at BIOHM where her professionalism and knowledge support healthy living.

Moving beyond the stigma of fecal matter and colon talk,  this dignified area of the body that receives little respect can now with Hydrotherapy support the body's ability to nurture itself.

I recommend BIOHM where Kim is facilitator of this unique and effective HYDRO THERAPY.



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